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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 30, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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people will blame republicans. that is my $0.2 more. >> good evening every betty we may not have the government for a while. now less than five hours from a shot down because the senate or the house will budge on legislation. and in the rhetorical tone president obama and that talking quite as much of a government shutdown but speaker boehner is in the other direction and is talking tougher. here is house speaker boehner earlier standing his ground on the obamacare opposition to tell the
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president and democratically controlled senate that there is now zero possibility of a so-called cleaved government funding bill coming out of the house. >> we believe everyone should be treated fairly. so to take the senate bill with a one-year delay of the individual mandate for the members of congress. >> the house will act. >>. >> and opposed by the government shut down the in hearing about the legislative response also
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alex rodriquez looking weary and nervous since after his 211 game suspension for violations since of testing for the yankee third baseman will lose up to $31 million in salary with the collective bargaining agreement calling for a decision to be made no later than 25 days of today. also a private business jet crashed overnight in what emergency officials are calling an and survivable crash the hangar collapsed around that aircraft as the building went up into an inferno but they're still trying to determine the number of passengers aboard the aircraft. >> a pack of motorcyclist on any york highway with his wife and year-old child in the back seat after a road
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wage -- rage event but the conclusion is even more shocking that is coming up this hour. with the lead story obama is an unwillingness to negotiate on the eve of the full rollout the resulting in the creation of fewer jobs but here is the president reducing more than a partisan demand. >> unfortunately right now house republicans continue to ty funding to ideological demands like winning a woman's access to contraception all to save
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face after making impossible promises to the extreme right of the party. lou: bob blair word says if there is a downturn or a collapse or whenever could happen it will beyond obama is head. this is what they are demanding in the bill. but first you delay implementing the mandate just as obama and the democrats have done and secondly to remove the congressional exemption to obama club baum dash obamacare. with those on the same footing they are with the exemption to the individual mandate that constituents must now accept the former
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governor official runs out as many as five hours so where are they and what do they expect knicks and expected to go on another version of a continuing resolution. mike emmanuel has the latest from capitol hill. >> we will move in the next several hours in to then add to it a one-year delay of the individual mandate and get rid of the exception for members of congress. >> the house will take a pit -- position today reflecting the fundamental principle no special treatment for anyone >> one faction of one party from one house of congress does not get to shut down the entire government just
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replaced the results of the election. >> but the repeal of the medical device tax by the party line vote senate majority leader describes the continuing resolution standoff. >> he is a bully. you cannot let them slap you around they will slap fibers six times tomorrow we will not be bullied. >> they want a clean bill that would fund the government for about a month and a half bad senator schumer said boehner is doing too much to the tea party members gimmicky is like the agent to mullions doing the sacrificial offering by refusing to except but clean continuing resolution. >> he seemed frustrated as they waited for shutdown to
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proceed. >> it is time that you listen to the american people to pass a one-year delay of obamacare in the permanent repeal of the medical device tax. >> that is what the house passed a saturday night then they republicans gathered on the steps of the capital to draw this conclusion. >> the fact the senators are not here, harry reid is off somewhere is all the evidence you need to know they want to shut down the government. >> appears to anyone who wants to will get their wish like previous shutdowns there are no private negotiations trying to resolve the standoff. lou: the president told house republicans he demanded that house back down from the demands as long as anyone willing is to let him have his way.
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>> as the clock ticks the president did not have any last-minute meetings with republican or democratic leaders on capitol hill although he went forward with a plan to sit down of the israeli prime minister ready insisted he is not resigned to a shutdown. >> the senate has passed a bill that keeps the government open, not a lot of extemporaneous issues to allow us to negotiate a long-term budget. >> but just in case the president gathered his cabinet late in the afternoon. >> wish to spend more time focusing how to grow jobs in the economy as opposed how they manage a government shutdown. >> the message pushed was the president was to work with congressional leaders on a broader budget deal outside the threat of a shutdown. >> i am not only open to by eager to have negotiations
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around a long-term budget to make sure middle-class families but the only way to do that is for everybody to sit down in good faith without threatening to harm winded and veterans and children. >> there was no sit-down today or on recent weeks. >> even if they are wrong. >> it was the speaker of the house that said he would never negotiate with the president again and he felt doing so? >> maybe you did not catch up to what the president just said he said he would be talking to leaders of congress. >> why is he not meeting today? >> i have nothing new to report on the president's schedule. >> he continues to charge the white house was to pin the blame on the g.o.p. >> it seems the president is
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anxious to have a shot down. >> but the spokesmen denied that said he is not sure who will be helped politically although he follows others called republican terrorist an arsonist. >> it is blatant extortion. >> italy batches -- ratchets up their rhetoric instead of republicans you don't get every and some just for doing your job. that may help to pileress but mt harder to get the actual budget bill. >> ed henry. from the white house. officials confirming president obama has called all four top congressional leaders today. harry reid, senator mitch mcconnell, house speaker boehner minority leader congresswoman nancy pelosi and it was a 10 minute call with speaker boehner with
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nothing to report both talked about their positions the battle over obamacare with the government shutting down for the first time since the 96 shutdown the capital will slow to a halt as federal workers are furloughed as services are reduced. what to expect if the budget bill is not done in time. >> air traffic controllers, federal law-enforcement officers, the coast guard, customs and border control, postal service personnel and other federal workers will stay on the job for an estimated 800,000 federal employees at national park sites, museums and nasa will be told to surrender the government issued smart phones and stay home. >> in the 1996 shutdown
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initially social security focused on processing checks but declared with new applications of benefits to be donny central but after a couple of weeks they said we will have a huge backlog. >> the will continue to pay u.s. troops that the department of veterans affairs cleaning the processors will stay on the job in the beneficiaries will receive benefits of an end within three weeks but even before then and some see the offending stoppage affecting military operation. >> but with the ammunition that always is used to prepare our to troops of those who are in combat. >> also first concern.
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>> there have been 70 shutdowns. the stock market did not take and with the last big one the stock market actually rose. with the near shutdowns and the sequestration the forced furloughs the uncle sam workforce is feeling bad old and weary. >> a combination of baker in fear and resignation of here we go again. >> but those on social security will continue to receive checks in medicare will still be seen by doctors but in the zero predicated on the length of the shutdown not going to far. >> much more on the stalemate of the debilitating effects of obamacare throughout the broadcast tonight as we
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lou: breaking news the house of representatives which use the in session has just completed the vote obviously moving within a procedural vote to allow the chamber to move on to debate the continuing resolution and proposal was a one-year delay of the individual mandate and a repeal of the
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congressional exemption. we should have the answer if republicans can prevail to move the legislation forward back to the senate people say this is a winning formula for the republicans to repeal at least the congressional exemption to delay for one year the individual mandate. this is a powerful combination the house has moved in it will be fascinating to see what happens next. my next guest says the government shut down that occurs will be the responsibility of obama upper could joining us now is the president of citizens united foundation.
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there is a lot of talk some resistance here perhaps even a defeat on the vote that enough people on the republican and democrat side to keep our congressional exemption from obamacare? >> certainly glad that did not happen in that you explained it because this is complicated stuff happening before our eyes. the republicans position is one of a moral compass. the democrats' position is political they want to play politics. harry reid said not to get together with congressional leaders as an abdication of his duty. i looked at his job and john
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boehner and barack obama to get in to a room to figure out the republicans continue to try to negotiate. there down to an individual mandate for a one-year delay trying to make sure the american people and members of congress have the same rules if we can go into that but that is what this is all about the republicans have been negotiating the democrats'' are holding hostage because they want to close the government. lou: i accept everything except republicans our just as pure as the driven snow. [laughter] >> i see both parties in terms of the potential of a lapse from the high road. with the apparel of the evidence that is not even
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achieve more than 40 percent of what the president promised. it is something i cannot understand why democrats are not as concerned as republicans. >> obamacare has been a disaster since it was passed using legislative chicanery to get it passed so from the democrats to say this is the law of the land in you cry over spilled milk let's be adults it is ridiculous. we have congress and the members that will vote this evening i am looking forward to the vote our congressmen and women going to exempt themselves? the american people will look tomorrow because they understand that is what they're doing.
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who obamacare is not good enough for big business or small business or not good enough for the union. now the individual mandate spinet the president said this is wrong he cannot mess with that he has. he gave the exception. but those paying the bills to give them a one-year reprieve of the individual mandate of obamacare. >> and these little darlings that we send to washington d.c. and the administration official after a year to the laws that they write for everybody watching and listening also a 2.0 something we should know the
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outcome on the bitter amendment and the republican response sent to the senate here within the hour in we will leave you up-to-date. >> i think it is a clear-cut message to the american people from here on out there will be members that say i need the exemption or the subsidy what is good to pass is not good enough for me the president tries to put off for one year but it is not good for the body so that is a lesson they will learn over the next few months. >> ted cruz in the other republicans who have seized the moral high ground? in the right place morally
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in other rice said of history it will be interesting to see how this unwinds. always good to talk with you david. we will be right back. lou: the president and senate democrats refused to negotiate or compromise to keep the government running. the congressman is our guest next. ll uhhh... ll uhhh... hey daddy, what's your job? daddy's a uhh florist. are you really a florist? dad, why are there shovels in the trunk? there's no shovels in my trunk. i see shovels... you don't see no shovels. just am. well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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lou: breaking news the house of representatives has just passed a procedural vote, the winning the rules go to allow the chamber to move on to use the debate of the new continuing resolution proposal of a one-year delay of the individual mandate and a repeal of the congressional exemption. one more vote to cut off the debate then they'd vote of course, is coming tonight and we believe we will see the next vote within the hour to clear the way for that as the debate is under way. my next guest says the obama administration cannot offer
7:28 pm
subsidies to members of congress and congressional staff for the use of the obamacare exchange also backing the latest republican amendment to delay the individual mandate for one year just as the president has done for business. joining us now the congressman from indiana. of that vote moving forward you got to be excited a lot of people say t a winning combination that congress of the united states is not -- now exempt individual citizens have almost as many rights as
7:29 pm
corporations and business. >> good evening. great to be back we have to keep fighting to the very last hour in beyond to get out of obamacare but to make sure we are treated equally under law all of us as we the people what makes us exceptional as a reminder not to lecture you but what makes us exceptional as a nation at its core, we urination that abides by the rule of law. individual should be above the law that applies to everyone else. the fact of the matter is with obamacare the law was written to treat me in my family members and a worse way now be will be forced onto the exchange it was
7:30 pm
intentionally written badly but if we'd like it if it's the policy doesn't like it then they need to change the law there and get to have their bureaucratic minions to debt -- interpret it the way that pleases them. that is what third world republics do. lou: this president cards out his own loss to the executive order carving of exemptions and delays as a hospital right now under the threat of obamacare will lay off people to cut back service and consolidate. >> i got a letter from a farmer today e-mail but to my staff from indiana that says they next to the passage of the affordable
7:31 pm
care attacked our premium is going up for his $35 per month after one year under this policy and everybody being healthy 146% increase from the original''. lou: that is anecdotal but that is felt by many americans the inverse what the president promised higher premiums and higher cost. >> the affordable care act is not affordable. it is creating the 30 hour workweek go working-class to incentivize people to work class that is the insidious byproduct. >> but from what we have discussed when we talk about
7:32 pm
the individual mandate in removing the congressional exemption of course, for the administration as well. >> i am very confident of the republicans in our house i think we're unified we may have some coming from the republican party but we are not giving up we got letters that was clear through the month of september and by the way there is another one coming call the debt ceiling and we will fight on that also. lou: take you for being with us. up next more on the upcoming votes and attorney general eric holder goes after another state voter identification why we will show you the track record to see if it is a waste of time
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we will give you a hint. it is what i said. we will be back.
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♪ lou: more breaking news out of the house. we are awaiting the house vote to cut off the date on the new continuing resolution, a bill that now includes a 1-year delay on the obamacare individual mandate and also calls for the repeal of the congressional exemption tell obamacare. imagine this, the republicans want all citizens and congress to be treated the same, radical. the vote is just moments away, we are told. it will allow the house to bring the bill up for a final vote tonight. we will have the latest for you. the mainstream liberal media is selling the standoff in washington as an approaching disaster. all the faults, of course, of republicans. true straightforward issues to resolve here.
7:37 pm
is obamacare good public policy? and does it come at an exorbitant price? shot down or no shutdown, obamacare opens for business tomorrow. new health-insurance marketplace is called exchanges, some run by the states and a majority run by the federal government i scheduled to start signing up new customers. well, most of them. some are still working through technical problems. those exchanges are a huge part of the president's health care law, but according to gallup, just 37 percent of americans are familiar with them. yes, the white house has had three and a half years to prepare for tomorrow. this with a law itself, a majority, 52%, simply opposed to it. why? well, take your choice. obamacareeis a gross expansion of government. obamacare will contribute to a shortage of more than 90,000 doctors by the end of this
7:38 pm
decade. at least 30 million americans are insured. remember when the president promised to cover most of the nation's 50 million uninsured? >> we are not a nation that excess nearly 46 million uninsured a man, women, and children. we are not an asian that lets hard-working families go without coverage. lou: obamacare also risk the economy with half a trillion in the tax hikes, $65 billion of those taxes are middle-class families, $27 billion of new taxes on drug companies, $20 billion of taxes on medical device makers. that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? and the administration's response, they choose to dismiss all of the facts and evidence that obamacare is a looming disaster. >> they said this would be a disaster in terms of jobs. there is no widespread evidence that the affordable care act is
7:39 pm
hurting jobs. lou: investor's business daily published a list of more than 300 companies that have had to cut working hours or staffing levels because of obamacare. and the employer mandate does not even kick in until 2015. and the administration's promises on obamacare have been other distortions from the outset. remember when they to alessandro obamacare that we could keep our doctors, we could keep our health care plans. they to alessandro obamacare premiums would go down. they told us that under obamacare health-insurance would be affordable. obamacare will cost taxpayers almost $2 trillion only insures 40 percent of the nation's uninsured. so the real question is, why won't democrats joined with republicans and stop such an expensive and ineffective public policy. well, take a second then go to our social site.
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i website. be sure to go to today's feature, taking a look at how the dysfunction in d.c. is affecting the markets. up next, those markets. we will give you a hint again, not happy markets. a triple digit lost up in the week. thank you very much, washington. in nasdaq and s&p, market perspective and insight straight ahead. the "a-team" will be joining a son who is really to blame if the government-set down at midnight. up next. ♪ she loves a lot of the same things you do.
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7:44 pm
mar, charlie demint, steve king, peter king, those six all voting against the measure. we are awaiting a house vote to cut off a debate that allows the house to take a final vote on the legislation, and we will bring that to you. that is quite something. on wall street stocks finishing slightly lower but ended september with as strong monthly and quarterly performance. the dow falling 1209 points, the s&p and nasdaq closed down ten. volume on the big board, 3 billion shares. for the month the dow gaining more than 2%, s&p had nearly three. the nasdaq gained more than 5% on the month. joining me now, jonathan murray, managing director for ubs financial-services. good to have you with us. is this, do you think, this performance today, basically everybody just sort of throwing up their hands and saying, we are not amused by washington?
7:45 pm
>> yes, i think that is it exactly. i think that the private sector has been doing great. we have things like nanotechnology and reprinting and a wonderful development in the private sector with regard to health care. everything is moving along just fine until washington started the politics and fluster. lou: what can we expect assuming that we are going to see the government shut down, the impasse struggle for at least, one might think, hypothetically for days. what do you think the market will do with all? >> in not think a whole lot. if you go back to history, and if history is any guide, and it is about the on the gatt we have, if you examine the 17 past government shut down as you see that the market basically shrug its shoulders at government shutdowns. we average decline of -- are you ready for this --. 7% during the government shut
7:46 pm
down, and what is more important for long-term investors is that the following 12 months later the markets were up on average between 12 and 13%. so we don't ready for this -- .7% during the to big they think that the shutdown is going to be long, nor do we think that it will be an adverse impact on the market. lou: what do you expect friday? s in that they will still put the unemployment report friday, even if they're set down. what do you think it will reflect? >> a slight improvement. the private sector is doing really well. elected the other numbers. earnings continued to come in above expectations. we do have a presumption of the earnings report in about a week. the market will pay probably more attention to that than it does the antics that a on down in washington. lou: we thank you for your output and appreciated.
7:47 pm
good talking like you. >> you bet. thank you. lou: you bet. up next, the liberal national media has done it again, running to the president saying once again won top network is deciding to, well, educates you poor pathetic citizens on obamacare. you're going to hear from the the media types over across the way joining us to assess all of that and more of a "a-team" next. ♪ ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla
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♪ lou: breaking news from the house, going to the house floor now, members, there we are, live pictures from the floor with members still debating the merits of the house continuing resolution which delays the individual mandate for one year, putting citizens in the same
7:51 pm
rarified air as business operations in the country repealing the exemption for congress, which would be a terrible blow for so many. the final vote is moments away and we will bring it to you live. joining us now, former continent visor, of the car radio talk-show host, monica crowley, executive director of the weekly standard, of fox these contributors. great to have you with this. we heard some talk that there might be a problem moving the rules of the head, they might actually lose that. it seems that it passed handily. where are we headed now, do you think? >> i think we're headed to a vote. republicans will, again, pass a bill that will fund the government. there will be to other things that it will do. it would get rid of the special subsidy for members of congress and their staff and what was the other thing? lou: delay the individual
7:52 pm
mandate. >> delayed the individual mandate. they should have, but that first. look, republicans rightly or wrongly are not worried about at least in shorter shut down. there will be pressure on them over the next few days, and did make it very sharp, but there will be pressure on one other person in washington, and that is president obama because he is in an untenable position, going around giving speeches saying how terrible things will happen to the american people. the economy will tank, people will be armed, yet i will not talk to republicans. i am sitting this one out. it is an untenable position. the shutdown will hurt him at least as much as republicans and may be more. polls are already indicating that his approval rating is sinking. lou: he is hearing from republicans that there not worried about a shut down. history tells us, at least, going back to 95 and 96, that we can expect a market rally and that there are no great upsets as a result.
7:53 pm
>> president obama for the last five years to stake in the tactic of my way or the highway and has done it every time the budget has come up, any time there's any kind of spending bill. so he is trying the tactic again, but i think that there is an actual shift going on among the public aware that they view him, the way that they view what is happening in washington and the way that this government is run. more and more people likely to back with the republicans are trying to do because they, by 60%, oppose obamacare. they want to repeal it either in entirety or in part. the government shut down is '93, '94, '95. >> when i was advising clinton, yeah. >> disruptive to the republicans, but it actually was not. the republicans in '96 on the law stand full of house seats and picked up seats in the senate. lou: a couple, but it is still support. the reality is in 1995 and six
7:54 pm
which is our principal guidepost , if bob dole does not cave we have a different outcome, don't we? one day more and he would have rolled over. >> the polls were starting to move against the president when he caved. that is why a deal was done. certainly true, i was doing the polls. lou: so positive. >> but the situation, these are the pauses, such that a thin and popular president increasingly gain support because a man in transit republican. president obama is in a weak position. lou: he is under water in every major poll. >> but the republicans are even more so, and their own divisions. lou: congress is always under water. >> -or maybe, they're playing a bad hand badly. lou: why are you so nervous?
7:55 pm
>> i can see it. i hear what you are saying. and not so sure. >> but on this issue, republicans have the vast majority of their american people with them? and the reason they did that defunding first, you can argue about whether that was rider not, what they're doing to my note. absolutely the case. the reason i said what i did, bottom line, such a lack of confidence in this country, far less than 95 and 96. i worried al house of cards could come down. lou: well, when man may have been holding the wrong standard aloft, that is to my defunding obamacare. but where is he now? has he gone the way of marco rubio, aligning himself on the wrong issue and having the wrong twist of fate? >> i will tell you. every house republican i talked to in recent days which is
7:56 pm
eight, nine, ten, 1100, something like that, they have all said the same thing. they heard two things. they heard how much people in obamacare and how much they loved this senator which is mainly the republican grassroots, but -- lou: i am glad to hear that the republicans have grassroots. at that they just had super packs and advertising budgets. a lot of money. >> they had a grassroots. they were gaining. you want to know where he is right now? he is sitting atop the 2016 republican nomination. fight back. lou: three years ago. give it to us. >> a little bit ahead of the game. >> people want the fight. >> that is what they like about him. that is true. that is why there were disappointed because he has not been a fighter.
7:57 pm
lou: standing up now. >> you know, people keep saying republicans are divided. that is not the way they're voting. lou: i have to take it away and say good night. thank you for being with us. good night from new york. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy.
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♪ neil: this just did, a government shutdown is on and here is why. four hours away from what looks like an unstoppable force. a government stop at midnight tonight. both sides have not bugs in inch. each line the other for the first government shut down in 17 years. we just heard him call leaders, even as the president said he is open to negotiating, is not open to negotiating what republicans want him to negotiate, slowing down


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